(Fast) Food Fight!


I waited until I calmed down a bit to begin writing. This morning my (soon to be) father in law brought my sick step son, Lj Mc Donald’s, a diet coke and chips! My jaw dropped when he walked in the door!!! I said, “He doesn’t eat that stuff anymore.” And Grandpa blew me off. (My fiance has already talked to his parents about fast food). Last week my (soon to be) grandma brought a bag of chips for Lj. They were promptly thrown out, and I let Grandma know that we avoid processed food, particularly with Lj because he has ADD and we are trying to clean up his diet as much as we can because he has responded so well to the changes we have already made.

Let me give you a little insight into this situation. When Lj started kindergarten he got notes home every day, these were not encouraging notes, they had sad faces and explained that Lj had thrown fits, hid under his desk, yelled at the teachers aid, refused to listen, refused to come in from recess, had meltdowns when he was not picked… the list goes on. We knew we had to make a change, and are hesitant to try medication. I had already been cleaning up the kids diet, so I decided quickly, OK time to talk to the grandparents and let them know that fast food has to stop, and NO MORE SODA. (They never had that with us, in fact, they drink water here.) Then I ordered the kids the same shakes that I drink every morning, they are organic with whey from grass fed cows who have not been treated with hormones or antibiotics, and it’s 99% lactose extracted. I love them, and the kids do,too. I had read that kids with ADD need higher protein, and Lj does not like meat (I’ll admit that I do love that fact) so I figured this was the best way to get quality protein in his system along with 90 other nutrients that our bodies need to function properly. It has been like night and day! He still comes home with notes, but they are filled with stars and happy faces! He is responding to directions now, he listens, he has said several times that his “brain let’s him listen now”. I am convinced that better nutrients has helped him have better mental clarity!


So you can imagine how PISSED I was seeing this crap in my house!!! Mc Donald’s is NOT food! It’s GMOs, fillers, hormones, antibiotics, preservatives and grease! And soda should not even be legal, it’s so bad for you! There is nothing in soda that a kid needs! (Or an adult!) Not to mention diet soda, so it has a chemical shit storm of ingredients!!! “Diet” anything is nasty, and confuses your body. Children are getting diabetes these days, and they wouldn’t be if they didn’t have access to this crap!!!

Grandpa completely blew me off and said, “My kids grew up eating this stuff and they are fine.” Everyone thinks they are just fine until they eat clean! All of a sudden they have more energy, mental clarity, they feel good, they get sick less, their workouts are better, they look better, their skin clears up! So many awesome things happen when you eat clean, and you would never know how good you could feel unless you actually experienced it! When I got my fiance on Product B (magical vitamins!!!) he had always felt fine, he was tired, but he works really hard, outside, and gets up early, we have a hectic schedule, it’s no wonder he was always tired. But it never stopped him. A few weeks into Product B he forgot to take it one morning and for some reason he felt like crap that day, tired, not motivated, wanted a nap all day. The next day he remembered it, and he had a great day, tons of energy! He said he couldn’t believe the difference when he doesn’t take it! James would never have known how good he could feel, how much more productive he could be if he hadn’t made dietary changes. His doctor even told him how healthy was, but he didn’t feel how drained and depleted he was.


I know I can’t hammer this into everyone’s head. Some of you like your ignorance, it’s easier to go to a drive thru than go grocery shopping and make dinner. I get it, That used to be me (years ago). I’ll be honest, making these changes is not easy and it does not happen over night! Reading labels, is obnoxious and discouraging sometimes!!!! Going to the store when all I want to do is go home because it’s been a long day sucks sometimes! I am so lucky to be a stay at home mom and have the time to prepare and there is a lot of prep involved! Pureeing, cutting, prepackaging things for easy access, it’s never ending!!! And the dishes, oh my god!!! So just know, I’m not judging. I would hope you would think about making small changes, or even one big one (NO MORE FAST FOOD!), but if not, it’s ok, it’s your decision. Just like my families diet is mine! I hope the grandparents will start to respect me, and understand that this is all about keeping my kids healthy, so they can live long amazing lives! It’s not about creating more rules, and making it harder on anyone. Seriously, if only it were easier!!! I believe it is worth the effort. And in case you’re wondering, yes when the kids go to birthday parties we let them eat cake and pizza, I don’t want them to resent us over food!!!

My fiance is cutting up a Mc Donald's gift card that was given to our daughter
My fiance is cutting up a Mc Donald’s gift card that was given to our daughter

It must be love.

Why am I not motivated to blog??? I have really slacked off, and it’s not that I don’t have things to say, it’s getting in front of the computer and and pouring out my heart, it’s draining. Lately I have felt very emotionally drained. While I have so much physical energy, it’s like there is just too much to do and every time I think I’m gonna blog today somehow everything else is more important. It’s funny that today I have done all my chores, and have a sick kid, and i’m babysitting, and here I am, finally writing.

A few weeks ago my fiance and I got into a HUGE argument. We don’t usually fight, things will get a little heated occasionally, usually over parenting, but this… This was out of control. We were so angry at each other! What’s worse is it lasted 2 days!!! That has never happened before! (And hopefully never will again!) Don’t worry I’m not gonna tell you about the fight, I wanted to share an epiphany I had DURING the 2 Day War.

When I am pissed, don’t touch me. I can’t feel close to someone or vulnerable when I am angry. It was so uncomfortable to not touch, normally James and I will pass each other in the kitchen and kiss, or hug, maybe even just touch each other on the back or shoulder, we might not say anything, and sometimes I don’t think we notice we do it. When we watch TV we hold hands, or I’ll lean on him. I have never been in a relationship where I touched someone so often, and it’s not sexual (well sometimes), it’s comforting. It makes me feel close to him, I feel safe and loved. Before I was with James when I saw people be affectionate with their significant other I would feel uncomfortable, I couldn’t understand why anyone would  feel close enough… I could not believe people LIKED each other enough! Here I am now grossing out all of my friends because I can’t keep my hands off of my man! So you can imagine the awkwardness when we were fighting. The funny thing is both nights, even though we were ticked the eff off, after laying in bed as far from him as I could be without falling off the bed, eventually I would find his hand, which led to hid arm around me. It took a lot to swallow my pride and touch him, but it hurt so bad that we were not touching.

The other day my friend said, “When you are fighting with someone you love it’s like your entire world is falling apart.” No truer words have been said! When we were fighting I was so scared!!! It’s not that I really thought it was over, but I did have that fear and I felt crazy! I needed to fix it!! I loved him so much I couldn’t handle the thought that maybe, possibly, we would not make up. Of course we did, but it had to get worse before it got better, and it was heart wrenching.

I guess my point is that if you can still bring yourself to touch someone when you are THAT angry, if you want to touch them but your pride is stopping you, but you DO anyway, it MUST be love.

We are the goofballs in the middle
We are the goofballs in the middle