6 Months Without Tampons! Thanks Thinx!

So this post is TMI, fair warning, I’ll be discussing my vagina…

It’s no secret that tampons are full of chemicals, first of all, the cotton is bleached… I don’t know about you, but the idea of putting something inside me that has been soaked in bleach just doesn’t seem right. I don’t even use bleach in my laundry… WHY would I use it in my giney? Feel free to do your own research, tampons have cancer causing ingredients… It may not be that big of a deal if we had limited contact with these chemicals, but we spend a week with poison inside of us. A week of chemicals being absorbed into our bodies. The more I read about tampons and pads, the more I second guessed using them. But then what? I know pads are filled with the same chemicals, but at least they are not inside of me… but, you guys… I don’t like pads. I hate the smell, I hate that they have diaper-like material. And I hate that awkward bulkiness. I liked tampons because they didn’t cramp my style, with pads I felt like I had to wear long tops that cover my butt because I feel like it’s just so obvious that I’m wearing a mom diaper. So pads were out of the question for me. I stuck with tampons another year, I think because I just couldn’t think of a reasonable alternative.

Until I saw an add for Thinx. My first two thoughts were: “FINALLY!” and then, “Wait, do they work???” It was this moment that I was 100% honest with myself (I often lie to myself so I won’t feel so bad about things… like, Wednesdays drive me nuts because my kids get out of school early… I love my kids, I just really wouldn’t mind if they were out early on Friday instead… Or cheap champagne. I realistically can’t be spending $15 on champagne if I want it daily, and I do… so I tell myself I like cheap champagne. Also wearing heels. As sexy as they are… I kinda hate them. But shhh, don’t tell me that. If I don’t admit these things I don’t have to change them.) I HATE tampons. I hate that awful dry feeling when you try to remove it and it’s not filled with enough blood to gently slide out, instead it sticks to your insides and feels like your ripping a bandaid out of your vagg. Or how about when you don’t insert it correctly and you sit down! Pain! Oh and the damn string. That moment when you get out of the pool and feel that light wet slap against your inner thigh… that fucking string that creeped out while you were bravely swimming on your period. I hate that they’re kinda leaky, and you need a panty liner. Panty liners are not cute. In fact, when me and my husband are about to get it on (yes we like period sex, you should too! It’s the best!) and I have to run to the restroom (#MoodKiller) to remove my tampon, and hide my panties so he doesn’t have to see the paper thin diaper stuck to them… You know what I’m talking about. Tampons are awful. So I thought, what the hell, let’s try these magical panties.

In December (2015) I ordered my first few Thinx period panties and it was the best decision I have made in a while. I have 3 hip huggers, 3 cheekies, and 2 thongs. I ordered a size up because I read an article that suggested this. (the thongs are fine in your regular size, mine are too big, but I wear them anyway.) I would say the material is closer to bathing suit than panties, but it’s not uncomfortable at all. In fact, I like my Thinx! I love that I no longer have to deal with tampons and panty liners. My husband and I both LOVE that on period nights I can come to bed wearing my cute undies, instead of always covering up down there “just in case”. We love that we can have in the moment period sex. I love that I feel attractive during shark week. (Seriously, they’re cute! Husband approves!)

I’ll be honest, it was a little odd to free flow. I had a mild panic attack the first few days when I felt that… leak… Luckily for me, it leaked into my amazing magical panties and stayed there! It was also a little odd to feel the cold when I pulled up my panties, but that was so slight and insignificant. I feel I have gotten to know my body more, as odd as it is to actually see the lining of my uterus in strips in the toilet, it kind of validates the whole awful process. Ladies, our insides are ripping themselves apart. It’s painful and gross… but it’s real. And unfortunately necessary. (Woohoo! Not pregnant!)

Rinsing them out is easy-peasy. I rinse mine at night with some Castile soap and they are dry by morning. So on heavy days I use 3 Thinx panties, a fresh pair to begin the day, I swap them out midday and again before bed. The one day I tried to make the morning pair last until evening, I bent down and had an awkward leak up the front. Lesson learned. That’s only 2 days for me. The last few days I use one in the morning and one at night. Thongs are for my “maybe it’s coming today” days, or the last day of bleeding.

I have tried the diva cup, it didn’t work out… I use Thinx with no back up. It’s been 6 months now. I’m going strong. I’ve saved money, I have not had to chuck panties because of accidents, or buy tampons and panty liners.

So far 3 of my good friends have switched from tampons to Thinx. I am excited to be a part of the movement!

Thank you to the amazing ladies who created Thinx…. whoever you are!

**This is my personal OPINION of Thinx period panties***