It’s bleeds for 5 days and doesn’t die ;)

*WARNING! Lots of female related issues*

I am so discouraged right now. In May I got my tubes tied which was a blessing! A few months later the depo shot wore off (depo is a birth control shot that was a requirement before and for 3 months after my tubes were tied to make sure there were no “oop’s” before I was officially blocked.) I have had problems with EVERY SINGLE birth control I have ever tried! I figured this one was fool proof. In August/September the depo wore off and I got my period back for the first time in over 6 months. I was so relieved, not to be crampy and bloated and bleeding, or for the acne, the anxiety and headaches. I was relieved because this means I am back to only having my own hormones to deal with. The months leading up to this had been horrible emotionally. I should mention, I was not unhappy in my life, I was just having a very difficult time with the extra hormones from my birth control. I was so emotional, I cried, I lashed out, I had severe anxiety… I was a mess! It’s a wonder James is still around, I managed to misplace most of my friends during this time period.

Something weird happened the week after my period, I got cramps again, and a week later I had a second period. And a week later I had a third period. Since late August I have had a period every other week. (I am 25, I know periods, this is not spotting, and I’m not in severe pain, although I have considered that I might have a cyst …) So that’s weird, right? I blew it off for a few weeks thinking maybe my body is making up for all the months I did not have a period. Maybe it’s a hormonal imbalance? In fact, it must be!

I am so tired. In June my health sky rocketed, I did this awesome cellular cleanse and I felt better than I had felt in years, maybe in my whole life, but certainly better than I have felt since I was pregnant (my daughter is about to turn 4). I was able to get out of bed without pressing snooze! I did not need t sleep in, I had more energy throughout the day, I was able to workout harder, and see results faster. Everything changed for me when I cleansed toxins out of my body. It was a whole new me! I stayed on the products, I knew I couldn’t stop, I finally found me, I finally had the energy to run around with the kids all day, and keep the house clean, and stay up late with my fiance. I have been so tired the past 3 weeks. I don’t want to get out of bed, it takes serious convincing to workout, and I get lightheaded in the middle of my workout. I know what needs to be done, but I want so badly to just rest. You have no idea how comfy my couch looks right now! I have not taken the kids to the park in weeks because it’s just too much. This isn’t me. This certainly is not me while I’m drinking my shakes. In fact, my shakes and vitamins probably are the only reason I am able to still keep up with the house and the kids at all! I did another cleanse, thinking maybe I needed to clear out more toxins… I felt fantastic for 2 days, and then I started bleeding again, and my energy plummeted.

As if that’s not enough I have had an eye opening week. Someone I love betrayed me (over a year ago, I just found out though), I have no health insurance and would like to see a doctor, two of my sources of income just ended, my mom is going through a (hideous) custody battle, and an adult in my life is acting like a teenager, and I’m now uncomfortable with several of my soon to be family members. I even deleted one off of my facebook for being rude to me over something I had nothing to do with, and coincidentally had nothing to do with THEM either. To say the least I’m too tired to even be stressed, and once my energy is back up, I’ll be too anxious to function!

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