I am not very good at this whole website situation, and there are things that I wish I could do but have no clue how to do them, and more importantly, I do not have time to mess around with this site… YET… One day I hope to! Until then, this is my table on contents. I hope it makes navigating my website easier!!! AND Thank you for reading!!! Please register, find me on Facebook and Twitter!!!


1. Welcome!

2. This is my first time

3. The way it was, and the way it is now

4. Cinderelee, Cinderelee

5. Support System… We all need one!

6. Easy Healthy Food

7. Day in and day out

8. If I knew then what I know now

9. Baby Steps

10. When they are gone

11. Yoga Breaths for Life… Out with the bad… In with the good

12. Bonding

13. Making Commitments, Setting Boundaries, and Keeping Promises

14. Let’s get organized!

15. Let’s make parenting less of a dictatorship

16. Food and Feelings

17. Body Image

18. Tantrums… adults have them, too!

19. PMS

20.Healthy is the new skinny

21. The importance of cleansing

22. Consistency

23. Team Work

24. Workout HELL

25. The glamorous life of a stay at home mom

26. Organizing and cleaning… not the same thing!

27. Work at home mama!

28. Fool proof, my @$$

29. Intimacy after kids (TMI!!!)

30. Terrible horrible no good very bad… luck.

31. Food = Fat… I mean FUEL.

32. Parenting and health: Uphill battles

33. Happily Ever After… reminiscing <3

34. The goal is happiness

35. Taste testing and scheduling

36. Is Subway Junk Food?

37. 30 Day Fitness Challenge!!!

38. Week ONE! 30 Day Fitness Challenge!!!

39. It must be love.

40. (Fast) Food Fight!

41. Live and Let Live

42. Bridesmaidzilla!

43. It’s bleeds for 5 days and doesn’t die 😉

44. The God Thing

45. The Fighter

46. “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”


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