Workout HELL

Can we just talk about P90X??? For those of you who have survived I want you to know, I am in awe, and have a very deep respect for you. Really, you’re rock stars! I had heard many things about this program, and I figured it would be tough, but I was a little cocky and thought I could handle it, I run 3 miles a day. Pshhhh. 3 miles is nice and everything, but it’s like a P90X warm up. No joke. Yesterday, a few minutes into the video, I had already broken a sweat, and Tony (the instructor) says, “Now that we’re all warmed up, let’s work out.” Or something along those lines. I was floored, I thought I WAS working!!! I managed to finish the video although I did not finish every single set, I tried! I was already sore after my shower last night, so you can imagine how sore I was this morning! I did not want to move. I very slowly and carefully crawled out of bed, and gently planted my sore feet on the floor, I felt the burn travel through my shins, my thighs, my inner thighs, and (OMG OUCH) my butt.

At this point I realized that all this time, I thought I was working out doing 30 minutes of pilates and 3 mile runs, and what I was actually doing was maintaining. Why was my body not changing? I was not pushing enough. For the record, I am not challenging you to try P90X or anything, and I still stick by my “Baby Steps” rule. I think this is something you might add after you have worked your way toward a healthier lifestyle, already have a workout routine that does challenge you, and are eating well. I’m also not saying you shouldn’t do it, if you want to, go right ahead. Either way, keep focusing on your baby steps, and for an added challenge, and by that I mean, if you want to torture yourself daily… there is P90X.

So, I made the commitment to my soon to be sister in law that I would do this with her for 90 days. I already wanted a break at day 2. After the park, I went over to her house and we did plyometrics. What the heck is that? Hell. It’s leg and butt hell. Squats and jumps. A lot of them. I’m not kidding, at one point I thought I was going to throw up. I was sweating bullets, drenched from head to toe. My legs felt like jello when I walked down the stairs afterward. This is where you might think I’m crazy, at the time I definitely considered that I might be a lunatic. I had made plans with my friend to go running tonight. So, not even a half hour after this ridiculous workout, I’m jogging down the street with jello legs. We only ran 2 miles, I don’t think I could have gone any further. Even now, as I sit here and write, every time I shift my weight, or cross my legs I can feel it in my stomach, my back, my butt and my legs.

Tomorrow is abs and arms. I may not be able to blog tomorrow… If I don’t you know why.