Is Subway Junk Food?

Did you know that tuna has omegas, and avacado is full of healthy fats? Fats do not turn into fat in your body, so you are giving yourself BRAIN FOOD!
Did you know that tuna has omegas, and avacado is full of healthy fats? Fats do not turn into fat in your body, so you are giving yourself BRAIN FOOD!

When you have been eating healthy for a long time it is a trip how gross you feel when you eat even a little bit naughty, brace yourselves, because to some of you, this won’t sound naughty in the least, to others… you’ll feel the way I do. Yesterday I was on my way to work with my cousin and my aunt, and they wanted lunch, they went to Subway, and I decided since I do not usually go there I could check it out, after all, they do have salads! And “Jared” lost all that weight, right! (I suspect he lost more weight because he wasn’t Supersizing anymore and walked to Subway.) I ordered a tuna salad. That was my second bad chioce, my first was going to Subway (at least I did not get a sandwhich, bread can be SUCH a temptation) I love tuna, but not the kind that has been drowned in mayo and is tasteless! I felt like I was eating mayo! I added cucumbers, tomatoes, olives, jalapenos, spinach and lettuce. Everything was so bland. The jalapenos her canned which is just gross, I can’t handle them unless they are fresh, the tomatoes were not even eatable, the cucumbers were dry… As I was eating I remembered why I stopped going to Subway in the first place. It’s not quality. It’s crap. I am used to delicious organic, often home grown fruits and veggies! This was such a huge disappointment!!! Part of me was annoyed that it’s so difficult to find decent quick food. That is obnoxious, right?? I mean, I can’t even go to Subway anymore!!! No wonder I am so good at having healthy easy food at home, it’s my only option.

Like I said, some of you will probably not understand why I am disgusted by Subway, I mean it is veggies, at least, right? Wrong. It’s genetically modified, and terrible quality. If I am going to eat, I prefer organic so I know my body is able to use the nutrients. It is a waste of time money and stomach space to eat crap veggies. Yes, it’s better than eating a cheese burger, and maybe I am overly picky, because, don’t get me wrong, I am proud of each and every one of you that chooses subway over Mc Donalds. I am proud because I know you are on the path to cleaner eating. Just be aware of what you are ingesting, the bread is made with high fructose corn syrup (High fructose corn syrup is made with corn, sure but that does not change that it is sugar, and it’s made from genetically modified corn… so it’s not even really corn. It’s basically a filler that is put into almost every processed food you eat. The same goes for soy. Not all soy, and not all corn. That’s where organic buying and eating comes in.)! So those 9 grains they claim are not doing anything good for you because the sugar (toxins) are not going to let your body absorb them. Besides that, bread (carbs) is converted into sugar in your body, and high fructose corn syrup IS sugar and sugar turns into fat. (That is the simplest way to explain it, but there are a lot of details and reasons our bodies do this, the same thing happens with an apple, but it is a different kind of carb, and you do need those healthy sugars because it gives you energy, of course, but not to the extreme that you get when you are eating bread. Forget what you learned on that Food Pyramid growing up!)

Sometimes when I think about these things I get a little discouraged, it is so hard to win, especially when you are just beginning to eat healthy. I’m sure it’s overwhelming when you read that some vegetables are not worth eating, and apples are carbs. Trust me, I know, and I want to encourage you all, when I began my journey to a healthier lifestyle I did not have a definite place I wanted to be. I knew I wanted to be healthier, and I did not know how to go about it. I learned slowly over the past few years, and often rejected things I read because I didn’t like it. For example, I quit eating fast food in 2010, so the only quick option I had was Subway. When I stopped eating fast food I did not go directly to a plant based diet. I just did not eat fast food anymore. When I read how bad processed turkey (at Subway, in particular) is, I continued eating it because I loved the turkey sub! It was not until I stopped eating meat (besides fish) that I embraced all the things I had read about meat, because it finally directly related to me. At this point, did I go organic? No! I still figured that fruits and veggies are good for you regardless… they grew on trees, they came from the earth, they MUST be good for you. I did not eat almost exclusively organic until I started cleansing and actually witnessed the difference in an organic cleanse. I did not want to contaminate my body anymore. I feel too good to mess it up. I messed up a little yesterday… but today is a new day! To be honest, I am still rejecting a lot of the sugar hype. I still feel like eating fruits is good, and I do not pay attention to how much fruit I eat, because it’s organic, I do know that I am probably getting too much, but I’m just not there yet. Who knows, maybe someday I will jump on the “sugar is the devil” bandwagon and write a blog for you all. For now, I think I’m gonna go eat a yummy organic delicious juicy peach.